sexta-feira, 8 de julho de 2011


The start-list of the first TriStar Lyon definitely won’t let the observers of this discipline indifferent.

The world champion title (ITU distances), Sylvain Sudrie, a triathlete that is said to have the highest chance to win the race, will not have an easy task facing a horde of highly motivated outsiders. Talking about outsiders the word is probably not the most appropriate when hinting to François CHABAUD, the best French performer of all times in Hawaii, who has scored amazingly at this weekend’s Ironman France, where he occupied an incredible second place letting behind him the four-time winner of the race Marcel Zamora!

Pro Start List in Lyon

CHACHA, as his nickname goes, has now shown his real colors: “I’m coming to Lyon being greatly motivated. I will set my bike on fire and I can guarantee that there will be things to see.” And while the battle betwen the talented Sylvain Sudrie and the indefatigable François Chabaud, is expected to be rough but beautiful, one should also watch out for the experienced Brazilian Marcus Ornellas, the excellent Briton Joel Jameson and for the young French force represented by the valorous Romain Guillaume and Julien Courdert. What a great spectacle along the waterfront of the river Saône on Sunday 10 July!

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